Who We Are

Since 1992, Masterbaker has been an integral company of the Switz Group by providing the baking industry with first class ingredients and technical customer services. We commenced our operations from Jebal Ali, Dubai and in 1994 we inaugurated our first dedicated warehouse, which to this day, showcases state of the art facilities. We are proud to say that we were the first and continue to be the only company to specialize solely in providing the baking industry of the Middle East and Indian subcontinent with quality baking ingredients. We are also the first organization in the region to receive the prestigious HACCP Certification by Dubai Municipality. This certification was awarded in recognition of our continuing commitment towards consistently delivering convenient and superlative solutions to the region’s baking industry.

Our Partners

Masterbaker has grown substantially since its inception, particularly in the last decade. Indeed, we now have our own affiliate companies in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Dubai and Oman. In addition, we have formed successful relationships with the world’s best suppliers of quality ingredients across various bakery verticals in the Gulf region. Masterbaker proudly represents C.S.M (formerly known as Meistermarken/Ulmer Spatz) from Germany; Lessaffre and France Beurre (Sodiaal Group) of France; US-based Dawn Foods and Dawn Europe (previously known as Unifine, Belgium); Felchilin from Switzerland and Sonneveld (Orkla Food Ingredients) of Holland.

What We Do

Together with our affiliate companies we provide the baking industry with a variety of specialty ingredients, which include glazes, fruit fillings, couvertures, baker’s yeast products, Danish pastries, candied fruits, cream and fruit fillings and bread products (grains, mixes and improvers). Since 2003, we have also provided safe and convenient liquid egg products via our Egg Station facility. Today, Egg Station production is being expanded and aims to supply first-rate E.U. standard products to 10 countries.

Our Mission

Masterbaker was conceived to create a supply chain of internationally-sourced quality baking ingredients. We manage the importation, stocking and distribution of a broad portfolio of baking ingredients along our international network. Our operations ensure consistent supply of top-quality products and world class customer service for industrial and retail customers in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. Having established ourselves as a leading supplier for the baking industry in this region, we are now working toward similar successes in the South East Asian and African markets.

What Makes Us Unique

As part of Switz Groups vision to develop a unified supply chain from source to consumer market, innovation is at the heart of what we do. Based on the understanding of our customers’ needs (gained over the past 23 years) we have fostered a working environment that promotes creativity in order to create value from product innovation. Our resident technical consultants provide services including recipe advice, new product development, training and troubleshooting. We regularly hold seminars by master chefs and top technical advisors from around the globe. More recently, we have developed our own mobile application which includes a recipe calculator and incorporates our entire range of products to promote learning and product development for our staff and customers alike.